The Liberal Redneck Episode #89 "Get rid of the damn guns!"

State Sen. Rick Gudex Is Not Running

It's been a long, long while since I've gotten on the ol' Soapbox and written anything. There's been good reason. 

First, inner-city education, no matter how much time I may have been able to dedicate towards blogging in the past, is damn hard work. It's both physically demanding and mentally exhausting to degrees that I'm not sure anyone can even comprehend. The constant churn and flux of students coming and going from rosters, not showing up for attendance, not turning in work, and then wanting to make everything up is enough to drive anyone up a wall. 

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The Liberal Redneck Episode #88"Don't Stop Now!"

Liberal Redneck #87, "War, what is it good for?"

The Liberal Redneck #86 "We don't need no stink in' Professional Politicians"

The Liberal Redneck #85 "The party of Old White Men is dying out"

We need to overhaul our leave policies

One hundred and seventy-seven.
That’s the number of countries in the world that have some laws on the books for paid maternity leave or family medical leave insurance. The United States is not among them.

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Save The Nation

Sheriff David Clarke Plays a Straight-Talking Cop on Cable TV, But His Agenda Springs From Far-Right Extremism

By David Neiwert - October 30, 2015

The handsome black sheriff with the baritone voice is the conservative media's latest darling, but his background and the beliefs he espouses are deeply disturbing.

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That's NOT "pro-life"!


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