Democratic Women's Alliance October 2015 Newsletter

DWA October Newsletter
People respond well to people who are sure of what they want.

Anna Wintour
Editor-in-Chief, Vogue

10 - California passed a referendum allowing women to vote (1911)

11 - Kathryn Sullivan became the first American woman to walk in space (1984)

12 - Columbus Day

23 - The first National Women's Rights Conventiontook place in Worcester, Massachusetts (1850)

24 - Blanche Stuart Scott became the first woman to fly in a public exhibition event in the U.S.

25 - Two-year anniversary of the Democratic Women's Alliance!

27 - Center for Reproductive Rights Annual Gala
2 - Ruth Bryan Owen,American politician and the first woman to be on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the first woman appointed as a U.S. Ambassador

8 - Faith Ringgold, African American artist, feminist and activist

10 - Clara Hampson Ueland, first President of the Minnesota League of Women Voters

11 - Eleanor Roosevelt, American politician and former First Lady of the U.S.

15 - Penny Marshall, thefirst female director to gross an excess of $100 million at the box office

17 - Sophia Hayden Bennett, the first woman to receive an architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

25 - Katharine Byron, the first woman elected to Congress from Maryland

26 -Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
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Letter from the Chair

Dear DWA Partners:
“Once again, House Republicans have wasted taxpayer time and money to conduct a wasteful investigation into baseless allegations. Their efforts to try to score cheap political points instead of governing on behalf of hardworking families is exactly why the American people are frustrated with Washington. Just as stunning, the Republican field of presidential candidates is equally out of touch, whether it's Jeb Bush questioning the value of women's health care, Marco Rubio's support of abortion bans even in cases of rape and incest, Donald Trump and others insisting we shut down the government over Planned Parenthood, or Carly Fiorina's string of lies about the organization, today's Republican Party simply doesn't take women's health seriously.
“As a breast cancer survivor, I know firsthand the importance of ensuring all women have access to breast examinations and referrals for mammograms. That's what Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards' strong defense of her organization's work was all about, the millions of women, and their families, who depend on those vital health services. Defunding Planned Parenthood would threaten access to life-saving preventive care for men and women who have nowhere else to turn. The condescending tone and constant interruptions of Ms. Richards from Republicans on the panel were simply inappropriate and unacceptable for anyone testifying before Congress. Considering their poor understanding of this issue and what Planned Parenthood means to millions of families, House Republicans and their field of presidential candidates ought to start listening to women, including Ms. Richards, instead of speaking over them.”

Alliance Updates

DNC Women's Caucus. Women's Caucus Member Virgie Rollins and the Michigan Democratic Women's Caucus is hosting the NFDW Midwest Regional Conference on Saturday October 24, 2015 at Cobo Convention Center in Detroit from 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM.  For more information (313) 892-6199 or (989) 992-6353 or email Virgie Rollins at  If you have an update or event you would like to see in this space please email

Women's Leadership Forum.  President Barack Obama at the 22nd Annual Women’s Leadership Forum National Issues Conference.  Our signature event will take place on October 22-23 in Washington, DC with a keynote address from President Obama.  The conference brings together hundreds of women leaders across the country for two days of substantive and interactive discussions, panels, and training sessions. 
Tickets are on sale HERE  
To see last year’s conference agenda, please visit our website HERE 

National Federation of Democratic Women.  Forty-four years ago 27 women gathered at breakfast during the Women's Leadership Conference in Washington DC to form the Federation and give a voice to women within the Democratic Party. On November 16, 2015 at 2 pm our records from all the past presidents of the National Federation of Democratic Women will be presented to the Library of Congress where their records of accomplishments will be stored there with the history of this great country.  
To join your state Federation CLICK HERE.

Association of State Democratic Chairs.   The ASDC recently kicked off its latest national training initiative, the T3 Training Program, for county and municipal-level leaders. The 8-week program was created to train and equip local state party leaders for election year activities, campaign organizing, and organizing state-based trainings. We’ve partnered with DNC departments and allied partners to create an organizing blueprint for 2016 and beyond.
Through 3 weeks, we’ve held 6 training sessions with a total attendance of over 700. At the conclusion of the 8-week program, participants will have the tools they need to train new campaign volunteers. With the excitement around the program, we look forward to another 5 weeks of intense training with activists from across the country!
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The Democratic Women's Alliance is the latest chapter in the Democratic Party’s long commitment to activating more women. DWA seeks to empower Democratic women to MOBILIZE, ENGAGE, and TRAIN each other and continue the conversation about women voters between elections.
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