Koch bros. setting up WI shadow group

On Sunday the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel uncovered the latest attempt by the Koch brothers to set up a shadow group to mislead Wisconsinites in an attempt to buy Wisconsin's elections and advance their bottom line.

The Kochs are hungry to aid Senator Johnson who they've called their "model U.S. Senator" and are currently hiring staff for the "LIBRE Initiative." The organization aims to block comprehensive immigration reform by electing opponents of bipartisan reform efforts and degrade public education by spending untold amounts of money targeting Wisconsin's Hispanic community. 

"This is another example of the Koch brothers' willingness to say or do anything to buy Wisconsin's elections to support their out-of-touch agenda on the backs of Wisconsin middle-class families and workers," said Kory Kozloski, executive director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 

The LIBRE organization refuses to voluntarily disclose where any of its funds come from. Federal reports indicate it has received millions from Freedom Partners, an organization dubbed "The Koch ATM" in national news stories. 

The Koch brother's LIBRE organization also employs Rachel Campos-Duffy, wife of U.S. Rep Sean Duffy.


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  • Lois Gronberg
    commented 2016-10-11 20:04:25 -0500
    I weep for Wisconsin.Wisconsin has been relatively clean politically until the Koch bros and the politicians they buy. 7th district Congressman being one. Now his wife has joined, hiding in the shadow of dirty money. Oh for the days of Bill Proxmire, Gaylord Nelson, and Dave Obey. This state is suffering because of dirty money involving the Kochs and their likes.
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